About Me

Hiya! And welcome to my blog…….

My name is Angi and I live in a pretty rural village in Sussex (well it feels rural after living 12 years in London).  I have taken on many challenges in my life, I am an ex drama school musicals freak who went on to study forensic science, I travelled alone to LA to work and ran my own soap making business. In 2011 I married my best friend and then my greatest most difficult challenge came along…………2 children!!!!! argh!!

We are the proud owners of a six year old girl, Boo, and a three year old boy, Hiccup.  They are both my beautiful babies but both of them suffered from medical and behavioral problems from birth which we later discovered was in part due to gluten in their diet.  We first asked for medical help when Boo was 2………she is now 6 and we are still fighting so who knows what else may turn up.  I started this blog to document the crazy world of gluten free and allergy/autoimmune living with 2 small children in the hope that there are other out there experiencing the same issues who might say “hi” and make me not feel like my family is completely kooky dook!!!