Wishlist 42

Every year for my birthday I make a wishlist of 50 things I would like to achieve for my year ahead, ranging from the mundane to the fabulous! I thought you might like to take a look at this years wishes that relate to our family’s health and diet.

To make a decent loaf of bread from scratchFix Boo’s sleep apnoeaMake more GF food from scratchMake GF doughnutsStart recipe books for Boo & HiccupGet dietician help for being dairy lightMake novelty GF cakes for Boo & HiccupMake a beautiful GF decorated cakeGrow our own veg/fruitFind more recipes for Boo and Hiccup to makeMaster GF biscuits Start GF Blog

And for anyone interested here are the rest of my wishes that made the cut.

Read more booksStart reading more chapter books with BooFeed a stingrayDeclutter the houseRe-decorate Boo’s bedroomRe-decorate Hiccups bedroomMake stuffed toys for Boo & HiccupTake kids to cinemaTake kids to theatreSend more handwritten lettersStart seeing friends againStay in a hotel as a familyDecorate lounge and accessorizeGet photo books printedHave a family photoshoot (pinterest style)Lose weightEat at the table moreDo homework help with Boo each weekDo pre school work with Hiccup each weekSew Fidget Blankets for dementia and autism careSew 40 items for charityFind some inner calmMake Christmas stockingsTake kids to a castleDrink unicorn hot chocolate with BooWall climbCraft more with Boo & HiccupFinish writing baby books and up date diariesGo on more dates with hubbyGo campingBuy flowers for the houseTeach Boo to sewTeach Hiccup to ride a bikeHold a slothGo to the beachGet a cockapooHold a sleepover party for Boo’s birthdayDo holiday scrapbooks with Boo & Hiccup

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