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If you’re like me and have kids who can’t eat certain foods, holidays suddenly become tricky times. Have you noticed how celebrations revolve around food? Easter (eggs), Christmas (as much as you can stuff in) and the next holiday heading our way is the biggest sweetfest – Halloween!

I love Halloween. I love that the nights are darker and cosier, I love carving pumpkins and dishing out sweets to neighbourhood kids. But since my own have started trick or treating, I have become the hyper-alert mum, so many treats are loaded with allergens – in our case gluten. To save my kids being the ones who can only accept fruit – or worse, a toothbrush – I’ve struck a deal that I will ‘buy’ any gluten-filled sweets off them with gluten-free alternatives. This means I need to be well stocked with GF Halloween treats ready for when the swaps to begin.

I have put together a handy guide of all the Halloween treats that are currently on the market and the allergens they contain. These are sweets and chocolates that are specifically marketed as “Halloween” confectionery. I will do a separate guide for all other chocolates and sweets and Christmas selections in further posts.

For those who need to be gluten free like Boo and Hiccup, the safest choices as always are sweets rather than chocolate with Haribo still being a firm favourite in this house. Skittles also carry no gluten so depending on the age of your children these might be a proper consideration – I consider these a choking hazard for my age children, but that obviously depends on your child.

For research purposes only 😉 we decided to test drive the Cadbury Goo Heads Minis and Sainsbury’s Spooky Milk Chocolate Hollow Shapes. My personal preference on looks is the hollow shapes as they are all quite cute Halloween figures which appeal to the kids, for me though the Goo Heads won on taste as I am a crème egg fan. Both are excellent chocolate swaps for my kids and would be super cute for children coming to your door (though that might work out a little pricey).

I was disappointed to see that none of the Free From ranges in the super markets seem to have anything specifically Halloween related. Hopefully these ranges will expand and we will have a wider choice for next year, especially for those who are unable to eat dairy.

I will be back with a list for regular packs of chocolates & sweets and a further Christmas listing. If there is anything else you could do with having its own special list (even if you want me to move away from my favourite subject of chocolate) drop me a comment below and let me know.

Treat Name Allergens May Contain Where you can buy Price
Cadbury Ghoost Egg / Goo Heads (Halloween Creme Egg) MILK / EGG  


Ocado, Waitrose, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s 55p-50p / 2.00 pack of 5
Milky Bar Chocolate Halloween Monster MILK Nuts / Tree Nuts / Soya / Gluten Ocado, Wilko, Sainsbury’s, ASDA, Waitrose 50p–65p
Nestle Smarties Halloween Monster MILK / WHEAT Peanuts / Soya / Tree Nuts Ocado, Wilko, ASDA, Waitrose, 50p–65p
Ocado Creepy Pumpkins Net MILK / SOYA Peanuts / Tree Nuts Ocado, £1.29
Hotel Chocolat Trick or Treat Bucke MILK / SOYA Tree Nuts / Peanuts / Gluten / Wheat / Egg / Sesame Ocado £25 (for 540g)
Maynards Bassett Creepy Chews Milk Ocado, ASDA, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, 50p – £2.50
Haribo Trick or Treat Ocado, Waitrose £1 – £3.50 (depending on bag size)
Haribo Scaremix and Tangfastics Pumpkin Duo Sweets Tub  


Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, £5.00 (per 800g)
Haribo Scaremix ASDA, Waitrose, Morrisons 25p-£1.00 (depending on bag size) /£4.00 for 50 mini bags
Tesco Trick or Treat Halloween Hunt No allergen information online and no sign in my local stores Tesco £4.00
Tesco Oozing Eyeballs MILK / SOYA Egg / Almond / Hazelnut / Pistachio / Peanuts / Wheat / Gluten Tesco £2.00
Tesco Milk Chocolate Pumpkin and Eyeball Net Tesco 2 for £1.50
Tesco Creepy Chocolate Lollipops MILK / SOYA  


2 for £1.50
Nestle Trick or Treat Halloween Treat Size Bag (contain fun size Smarties, Rolos, and Lion Bars) MILK / WHEAT Cereals containing Gluten / Peanuts / Soya ASDA  



Skittles Sweet Heat ASDA £1.00
Skittles Dark Side ASDA £1.00
Chupa Chups Spooky Candy Pizza WHEAT  


ASDA £1.00
Swizzles Scary Sweet Mix SOYA  


ASDA £2.00
ASDA Happy Halloween Gory Gummy Eyeballs  


ASDA 80p
ASDA Happy Halloween Gory Gummy Brains ASDA 80p
ASDA Happy Halloween Skull Mallows  


ASDA £2.00
ASDA Day of the Dead Baking Kit EGGS / WHEAT  


ASDA £2.50
ASDA Halloween Tombstone Cupcake Kit MILK / SOYA / WHEAT ASDA £2.20
Smarties Scaries MILK / WHEAT ASDA £1.00
Sainsbury’s Spooky Chocolate Lollies SOYA / MILK Peanuts / Nuts / Wheat Sainsbury’s 60p
Sainsbury’s Milk Chocolate Hollow Shapes MILK / SOYA Peanuts / Nuts Sainsbury’s £2.00
Frightful Fun Size Favourites (Skittles, Maltesers, Mars, Milky Way, Twix Minis) MILK / LACTOSE / SOYA / BARLEY / EGG / PEANUT / HAZELNUT / WHEAT / ALMOND / OATS Peanut / Gluten Tesco £5.00

* Please ensure that you thoroughly check the allergy information yourself before buying any of the above products to ensure it is suitable for you or the recipient. Thanks 🙂 (just in case I have missed anything!!)

** I have colour coded allergens in groups as I believe if you have a peanut allergy you should probably know about all nuts in products etc. 

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    October 8, 2018 at 3:47 pm

    This is such a helpful and brilliant list! I’m sure people will really appreciate you taking the time to do this. Although, it has made me want chocolate 😂

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      November 29, 2018 at 10:18 am

      HAHAHA Thanks so much Ruth, I have to admit it was tough in those chocolate aisles 😉

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