The Gluten Free Mummy’s “selfish” Christmas List

So today it’s my turn to make my wishlist to Father Christmas. I don’t need to write to him because of course like all mummies and daddies I have a direct line to him!!! (yes kids, that’s right…..we speak!!!) Obviously everyone wants world peace, end to disease and famine, more time etc but this is a real life list. One full of selfish needs but hopefully only because they are things I would really appreciate (hint hint Gluten Free Daddy).

  1. Rice Cooker – Why oh why can’t I cook rice, I end up with risotto no matter what I try and make. I am the master of stodgy rice. Not to mention the clean up operation on my pots. BUT I need rice, there aren’t many carbs that are naturally gluten free for my family so see this isn’t really a want but a need LOL;
  2. Sewing Book – September is going to be all change with me as Hiccup starts school *gulp* so I am trying to start a small scale craft business so that I can still be home with the kids when they are both in school. However I am a self taught sewer, no super talented grannies here, so a belts and braces book on techniques would be amazing, plus I really like having something to flick through on Christmas Day;
  3. A Bread Making Course – Gluten Free Daddy has suggested a bread making class would be a definite bonus in our lives, and seeing how amazing they look I couldn’t agree more!! We can’t seem to master the art of making GF bread in this house and the cost of pre-packaged free-from bread is crippling our finances. So this would definitely be a good investment;
  4. Baking Equipment – we have the hefty things like mixers etc but I lack basic trays and pans for different cakes, breads etc. As we look like we are permanently a gluten free household I need to up my game on baking/making snacks/dinners/breakfasts etc and currently lack the basic tools to do so;
  5. A New Me – So if I have some spare money, I spend it on the kids – new school clothes, books, craft things etc however this has led to a severe lack of remembering who I am. My hair has not been dyed since Hiccup was born and my haircut resembles a gnarly witch. My face has all but forgotten what makeup is and I have about 5 tops and 1 pair of jeans in my wardrobe……as my fellow school mums will attest I look shocking, this massively impacts on how I feel. SO I want me back – to dye my hair and actually have a style, new makeup and a new capsule wardrobe.

Hmm I might crowd fund LOL (actually kidding!). So I know this is all a bit expensive but it is my ultimate amaze balls Christmas list!! In reality I will settle for a mug of hot choc (with marshmallows cus Im high maintenance) and Elf on the telly LOL

What would be on your Christmas list this year? Remember nothing to get you on the “nice” list just plain selfish wants!! LOL

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    December 12, 2018 at 3:46 am

    Those are some nice things, I hope you get them all! I would like books, a camera, knitting tools, pins, yarn. So many nice things to want these days! 🙂

    • Reply
      January 20, 2019 at 8:45 pm

      Oooh did you get any of the above? I didnt get any of mine……well except a hot choccy and Elf on the telly HAHAHA

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