Sleep Apnoea

Boo still has a massive issue with fireworks so unlucky for her we live somewhere were people light the damned things all the time, mostly for no apparent reason. A few months ago someone, somewhere in our village decided it was their turn. This meant Boo was allowed into our bed for the night. This is something we have never really allowed very much, mostly because Boo is awful to sleep with! Elbows, feet and knees are just everywhere and quite frankly if I’m going to survive the day without sniffing a Baileys bottle I need my sleep!

So in she pops and soon enough she’s snoring her head off. Now I have never given it much thought before but she snores all the time and we have said on loads of occasions when she sleeps she doesn’t look like she’s resting. Her eyes are open and flitting, her body lies tense and she mutters incoherently. But what we hadn’t noticed before was that she also stops breathing. I counted her doing it 5 times before I fell asleep and each time she was stopped for at least 30 seconds before I freaked out and nudged her. She would then gasp for breath and splutter herself back to sleep.

Since then we have been watching her in bed at night and sure enough every time we creep in to her room at some point in the couple of minutes I’m standing there she will stop breathing. It seems to be getting worse (or we never really noticed) but when she sleeps now her face is grey and her lips are grey/black round the edges – she essentially looks like a corpse. Oh good time for another doctor!

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