reducing gluten shopping budget

Reducing The Weekly Spend

Its been 3 years since we went gluten-free as a family and as each year has gone by I have noticed that our shopping bills have been getting steadily more and more expensive. Our current shopping bills averagely cost between £150-£160 per week (those excellent at maths will already know this is £600 per month). As far as I am concerned this is wholly due to the fact we are gluten-free and it annoys the hell out of me. We are penalised each week for the fact that my husband and children can’t eat the same food as everyone else. It’s time to make a change! I am fed up with forking out premium rate for my dinners.
Here are the main offenders in my hefty shopping bill:


We currently spend about £14 per week on bread and rolls. Hubby takes sandwiches every day to work so while this cuts down our spend on supermarket sarnies it does bump up the cost of buying the ‘normal’ pappy soft bread.


Whilst my kids don’t have to be dairy free, thank goodness, they do need to limit their milk intake else they erupt in rashy patches all over their face and body. Therefore we buy them almond milk to have in their cereal. This costs us about £4.50 per week.


Cereals = £4ish per week, fish fingers = £3, Yo-Yo Roll-Ups = £4 for 9 packs

As you can see we are already at about £30 – soon adds up doesn’t it!

So it is my mission in the coming weeks to reduce the cost of our weekly shop drastically. My ideas so far are;

Lidl Shopping

So far I have shopped at Lidl for 2 weeks, and the savings do seem great tho I do have to do a top-up shop in Tesco for bread. My last weeks shop totalled 110 so gettin it down a little bit but it needs to come down much more.


Making our own loaf in our bread machine – we bought a bread machine with our last wedding vouchers but as yet cannot master any GF loaves other than premixes, if anyone has any foolproof recipes please please let me know!!

Amazon grocery

So I haven’t ever done this before, but I might give it a go for some large bulk buy products. The selection is very limited but the stockpiler in me loves the idea of mass bulk buying.


I am seriously bad at finding the time or inspiration to get snacks cracked in this house and tend to rely on pre-packaged products that are usually far too high in sugars than I really like. I need to get together a bunch of ideas that I can bulk make for the week ahead.


Breakfasts in our house are a mix of cereals and toast. This costs us a fortune. Hubby can get through 3 slices toast and the kids can get through between 2-3 bowls cereal and 2 slices of toast per morning. We need to figure out some lovely kid approved breakfasts that I can make quickly fore the school run that are much cheaper on the wallet and hopefully a little more filling so my kids don’t need 3 lots of it!!

Do you have any saving ideas for gluten free shopping? Lets pool all our ideas and save each other a bundle!



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  • Reply
    August 15, 2018 at 5:08 pm

    I would love to do the amazon stockpiler thing, however lack of room prevents us. I’d love to have a room with all those shelves for the stockpile like you see the americans have on extreme couponing.

    I do quite often get Cat and dog food from Amazon when its on offer though, as they do good deals.

    • Reply
      September 5, 2018 at 8:20 pm

      Sorry for the delay in responding – I absolutely agree I would love a really cool larder, i go through periods of having ‘a problem’ with certain things currently I’m loving buying cool smelling handwash LOL we have tonnes! I also get our cat food on amazon which saves me having to lug it from the shops.

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