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Oh How I’ve Glutened Thee……..Let Me Count The Ways

So I pride myself on being pretty on it with what my kids (and the hubby) can and can’t eat. But as we all know pride comes before a few bruises – to my ego! So here are the ways I have glutened my darling children!


Yep, that’s right any fool knows a sandwich is made up of two bits of bread and mostly those bits of bread when bought in a ready-made package aren’t gluten free!!! And still, I actually fed my kids an egg sandwich from a supermarket and it still wasn’t until I was congratulating myself on them polishing it off that I had an “oh shit” moment.


Hiccup had been taken into hospital as he wasn’t going to the toilet. To get him to have a wee, we were forcing as much liquid inside him as is humanly possible and Hiccup does love squash. Of course several vats of Juice and Barley later not only was he is now actually weeing, but he was also throwing himself around the hospital room smacking his head on any solid surface and trying to bite me like something from the Walking Dead.


This was one I hadn’t actually known as an enemy of the gluten-free world. I was serving up stir fry after stir fry wondering why the kids’ behaviour wasn’t improving until I happened upon an article about gluten-free baddies, and this one’s top of the list!


So sneak peek into my culinary skills here, but quite often I will whip up and pan of pasta and throw in cheese spread and ham slivers. On the odd occasion I have been known to accidentally throw in some breaded ham – because, in my non-ham-eating world, it looks nicer. Thank goodness now many supermarket hams are with gluten-free breadcrumbs.


I could never figure out why everyone was so unwell and quite frankly, shitty, every time we had been out for food. Then it dawned on us that every time we ate out, we went to Nandos assuming it was safe as houses. Upon talking to the staff, it turned out that the chips and plain chicken strips we were ordering were all cooked in the same oil as the breaded chicken. The moral of this story is always ask the server at a restaurant and don’t assume just because the base ingredients are safe that you are home and dry.


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