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Christmas Chocolate Allergy Lists

So this post excited me because there seems to be a lot of awesome chocs for us GF’ers. I have stuck to the sharing tubs as this is what we tend to stock up on, but as ever, if you want me to focus on a different item and pull together a list like this let me now in the comments xx

My favourite on this list is the Sainsbury’s own Chocolate Treats which are really nice and almost half the price of the other branded tubs of chocs.

Without further ado – Here is the list of chocolate sharing tubs with attached allergen information. (as always the usual disclaimers apply – please check the packaging for yourself in case of any differences, I also cannot be held accountable for any weight gain!!!)

Christmas Chocolate Contains May Contain
Celebrations Tub Milk, Lactose, Egg, Soya, Peanuts, Wheat, Barley Hazelnut, Almonds, Oats
Cadbury Heroes Tub Milk, Soya Nuts
Quality Street Tub Milk, Hazelnuts Peanuts, Tree Nuts
Cadbury Roses Tub Milk, Hazelnuts Other nuts
Matchmakers Mint Milk,  
Swizzles Sweet Shop Favourites Tub Sulphur Dioxide, Lysed Soya Protein  
Malteasers Buttons Christmas Bucket Milk, Lactose, Barey, Wheat,  
Maynards Bassetts Mixups Carton Sulphites Wheat
M&Ms Chocolate Christmas Colours Bucket Soya, Milk Peanut, Almonds, Hazelnut
Rowntrees Tub    
Barratt Sharing Tub Milk  
Skittles Fruit Christmas Bucket    
Tesco Orange and Lemon Slices    
Tesco Prosecco Jellies    
Bassetts Bertie Bassett Novelty Jar Sulphites, Wheat  
Bassetts Jelly Babies Novelty Jar   Wheat
Bassetts Wine Gum Novelty Jar Sulphites  
Sainsburys Chocolate Treats Milk, Hazelnuts,  

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