Blogmas #5 – Letters to Father Christmas (Santa) from the Gluten Free Kids

I love my kids writing to the big FC, it’s a big thing in our house – but we have rules! FC will only bring the kids 1 big thing or 1-2 smaller things from their list and if he doesn’t like their ideas (i.e. when Hiccup finally asks for a snake!!) they will get a surprise. This year as Hiccup is only 3 I wrote his requests to FC for him but he has asked for:

  1. PJ Masks Rocket;
  2. PJ Masks Cat Boy Car;
  3. PJ Masks Owlette, Gekko & Cat Boy Figures; and
  4. Stuffed Dinosaur.

As you can tell for my little almost 4 it’s a PJ Masks Christmas, with FC and Mummy & Daddy on the case, and with his birthday 2 weeks after xmas, I reckon he’s in with a good shot here!

Boo is a typical 6 year old and wants almost anything she sees on telly however when it comes to writing to FC she always amazes me with her very simple requests (of course there’s a couple of big ones too – well a girls gotta try!), her hopes this year are;

  1. Laptop
  2. Stuffed Unicorn
  3. A glass (yep just a regular grown up glass!)
  4. Toblerone
  5. Pottery Wheel (Currently she wants to do this when she grows up)
  6. Yoyo
  7. 3D jigsaw; and
  8. A Surprise please!

Obviously mummy & FC have been in contact and a laptop is out of the question however everything else seems pretty reasonable. Boo has this ability to surprise me like this every year since she first wrote her letter when she was 3. That year she asked for a purple kite and a glittery tumbler. For a girl that can be pretty grabby in a toy shop she has this beautiful simplicity about the things she genuinely craves.

What are on your kids lists this year?

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