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Another Slight Hiccup

Seeing as I just glutened Hiccup and we are currently going through the mill with his symptoms it might be the perfect moment to fill you in on his journey into gluten free fun!

It would have been awesome if Hiccups symptoms could have presented in the exact same way as Boo’s, but as you might have gathered from reading about Boo luck isn’t generally on our side.

Hiccup started life with a lovely blend of reflux, constipation and dairy intolerance. He would projectile vomit out of his nose (quite a talent) around 30 times a day, I knew I needed to start the day with 8-10 changes of clothes for Hiccup and 3-4 for me. We had a milk ladder diet to follow, which included repulsive meals like rich tea soaked in dairy free formula (ugh!) and suppositories were always at the ready.

At the age of 1yrs old all the vomiting suddenly stopped, he had grown out of his reflux and dairy intolerance. Obviously the boy had some extra time on his hands so he took up head banging. Not the gentle head knocking that some children do to self soothe, Hiccup would literally launch his head from a sitting position toward the floor, I will never be able to un-hear the cracking of his forehead as it hit the floor. He would do this several times a day and as he got older he was indiscriminate as to where he head banged, the worst was outside on our jagged brick wall. He started sporting continual bruises on his forehead and I spent my days chasing him around with cushions to try and lessen any blows to the head.

It was only when a little time after this started Hiccup started having the same hypoglycaemic episodes (see disclaimer on terminology in previous post) as Boo that we started linking things. He would pinch my face and scratch me up in the same way Boo always had, he would suffer from what appeared to be dreadful stomach pains and was worseningly aggressive – so at least we knew whatever this was it was genetic.

Time for another referral for diagnosis.

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