A Study In Sleeping

Back in December we lucked in to a paediatric sleep study for Boo. It was something that we had been told could take a year or so to come about as it is only performed in a few hospitals. Somehow luck was on our side that day and we were given an appointment for the end of December in fact the day of Boo’s school Christmas party!

Cue slight mad rush!

Before the big day we showed Boo videos of what would happen at the study online. Luckily there were some really good videos from American Hospitals which walked through the entire visit. This really helped Boo as she has real needle anxiety and wasn’t sure what to expect. I am happy to report there are no needles needed for a sleep study.

We were due to arrive at the sleep study at 6pm so that afternoon I picked Boo up from her school xmas party and flew to the train station. After a brief pause to change into something a little less ‘party’ me and a very excited 6 year old boarded a train to London.

We arrived just in enough time to grab some tea in the hospital café before we had to go to Boo’s room. It has to be said the sleep study area of the Evelina is situated in what feels like the broom cupboard in St. Thomas Hospital. Way way down at the end of a corridor we found the small door leading to the sleep study department.

Pretty much as soon as we arrived it was down to business – which was an hour long patience test of gluing sensors onto most available spaces on Boos body. Heres the full breakdown;

10 x on face and head

 2 x chest bands

1 x stomach band

Sensors on legs and feet – I cant quite remember how many of these there were but there was a lot of feeding wires through pajamas!

Following this hour long feat there was a small window of opportunity for me and Boo to have some quiet time to read ‘Where’s The Unicorn’ and play Trolls Top Trumps. This was really needed as after an afternoon rushing around on trains I wasn’t sure there was much hope of Boo getting off to sleep.

Some 10/15minutes later there were checks for the video camera facing Boo’s bed and the microphone overhanging the head of the bed. It was then lights out.

I was lucky as there was a pull down bed in the same room as Boo that didn’t have a camera pointing at it so no unglamorous shots of mummy dribbling or snoring!!! (Disclaimer – sure I don’t do either of those things!!)

And that was it…………Boo zonked virtually straight away and we were woken up again at 6.30am.

Discharge was as laborious as when we arrived. All of the sensors had to be removed with some acetate (though the glue refused to budge out of her hair for a good two weeks after) and after swiftly dressing and packing it was time to get back on the train.

I haven’t written about this earlier as we were told results would take up to 6 weeks and I hoped to be able to finish this post with Boo’s results but as it stands there has been a backlog at the hospital and we have been told they hope to have it to us by April!!! I cannot lie, whilst I am always immensely grateful for everything the staff do for us, I am so frustrated with the length of time everything takes in the health system (so far our journey for help with Boo has taken 4 years!).

I will update with a further post once the results come in.

If you have a child about to have a sleep study please feel free to drop me a line with any questions you might have about our experience. However, if you feel your child has sleep apnoea please go to your GP in the first instance.

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