10 Things You Should Know About Gluten Free Mummy

Welcome to Gluten Free Mummy, thanks for dropping by! I hope you will come on this journey with me into the joys and fails (sometimes epic fails) of being a mummy to gluten free children. I will be sharing our story as we go along including all the crazy symptoms we have experienced because of gluten, our ongoing diagnosis and medical help and how we are coping raising two small children with dietary restrictions. Though, before we start here are 10 things you should know about Gluten Free Mummy;

  1. My name is Angela and I live in a village in Sussex with my husband J, two children and Grumps the cat. My favourite things are my family, growing vegetables, baking cakes and generally trying to be more Pinterest (you will see from my photos I don’t often achieve Pinterest perfection).
  2. Boo is my 5yr old wannabe gymnast, she loves school, rainbows and crafting. Since making her grand entrance in 2012 she has rocked our world with her caring nature and absolute craziness. Boo is the reason we started this journey and is the reason this blog exists.
  3. Hiccup is our 3yr old playstation technician (well he did manage to shove 6 discs in it at once!) He loves all things dragon, playing with dinosaurs and dressing up. Hiccup is at pre-school and though he’s a real mummies boy, I think he loves all the new people to play with (mummy’s pretty pants at playing pirates!!).
  4. We are a gluten free household. Technically, I don’t need to be GF however we decided to be a contamination free house for the kids because I don’t think its fair to be chomping down on cakes and sarnies when they are so restricted. I also generally don’t eat gluten when we are out as inevitably the kids will nick most of my dinner.
  5. This journey hasn’t been all cupcakes and rainbows for us, expect highs and lows – from achieving my perfect loaf (one day!) to epic fails like feeding my children an actual, gluten filled sandwich!!!
  6. I am not a doctor or a trained medical professional. I can only give my experiences of gluten and its effects on my family or things I have learnt from professionals along the way. If you or your children are suffering symptoms you think are related, I urge you to get to your GP.
  7. I am all about research. From the day hubby went GF (2 years before the kids) I read, read, read! I read everything the Internet, library and Amazon had to offer. I have read blogs, medical journals, theories and first hand accounts from patients and doctors, recipe books and a thousand ingredients lists – yet I still feel like I am starting out. If you are brand new to this, I hope I can make it a bit easier for you and bring everything I learn to this space.
  8. I am writing this blog semi anonymously so you wont see any photos of my children staring forlornly at a loaf of bread, I have to respect that as teenagers they don’t want to find out mummy has been sharing their bowel habits with the world!!
  9. I am not a chef, so please don’t expect any Bake Off masterpieces coming from my kitchen, however I am extremely passionate in making sure food is awesome for my children and that they never feel like they are missing out.
  10. My current ambitions in life are to make being a GF kid not quite so crappy, to hopefully hear from some other people in our boat and to not gain 100lb dunking jammy wheels in my tea while I’m writing at my computer.

Thanks for staying with me this far.

In my next post I will delve into the world of Boo and Hiccups crazy symptoms and why hubby attacked our hoover with a steak knife!

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